It’s been way too long since I updated last.  I’ve been juggling work, real life, work, real life, work, real life blah blah blah.

Work is busy, which is good.

Real life has been filled with a lot of catch-up.  I decided I needed some balance so I started forcing myself NOT to work on the weekends which resulted in much-needed yard work.  Entry into one my front perennial bed has long been forbidden to anyone but me.  As a result, three years of overgrowth had to be removed (I got stalled by the whole finish law school, take the bar exam, start a law practice thing).  Then I decided to be a sport and help J with the vegetable garden for the first time in years.

So the yard is somewhat under control.  Wish I could say the same for the laundry.

Today I refused to go anywhere (namely the office) until I imported two Michael Jackson CDs into my iPod.  Priorities.  I never would have guessed that his sudden death would hit me so hard (as in you’d think I knew him kind of hard).  It’s very similar to the shock I felt when Diana died.  Very, very strange and call me a sage, but I’m guessing the autopsy results when they are released will be pretty tragic.

So there. I made a newsly little post finally.  It took a major bout of insomnia to do it, but done and done.