Wakonda’s slippage on the laminate floors is a constant issue.  So we tried the booties above and hilarity ensued.  The booties are too much trouble.  Imagine wrestling a 100 pound malamute into booties every single day.  Not happening.

Now I’m trying paw wax.  Malamute (100 pounds of which) is not allowing me to apply the paw wax without a wrestling match.  We’ve moved onto scattered throw rugs.  I’m eyeing some of these for the future.  Right now it’s whatever I can find at Walmart that looks decent.

My office decor is complete for the moment.  I went for “Zen”.  I have paper lamps and a tinkling table fountain.  Another attorney walked in and said “this looks like a spa” – perfect!

Today we can see the sky for the first time in days.  We’ve been under a solid grey inversion layer.  Everyone I talk to is wandering around depressed from the endless grey, grey, grey.  The bright day should help us all recover from S.A.D.

I’m heading back to the office today.  It’s been a long weekend of working.  But it’s either sit around and stress about the work I have piled up, or simply go in and start working on it.