Last weekend there was much ado made over a storm that was supposed to dump 11 inches of snow, be very cold, and very windy.  We got a dusting of snow, but we did get cold and wind.

This week we had a storm which was casually mentioned as “snow showers” which actually ended up dumping over 2 feet of snow.  Getting home Wednesday afternoon was an adventure.  After I got home, I never left.  As of yesterday the snow on my suburban street was high-centering everything but the heftiest of SUV’s and pickups.

I had overly optimistic thoughts of going into the office.  However, the office couldn’t open because the building was inaccessible (unless I wanted to hike in from somewhere other than the parking lot).  In any event, I couldn’t leave my garage so it didn’t matter if Point B was hosed because I couldn’t leave Point A.

J and I suited up and began snow blowing and shoveling.  I had to tunnel into the backyard.  Then I had to hook into a dog-made tunnel to get from the gate to the patio stairs.  It was insane.  Unfortunately my camera needed recharged so I couldn’t get pretty pics, but my trusty Blackberry captured a couple of canine moments.

This is Koba on Wednesday night coming back in front outside complete with snow goatee.


The next morning we took Wakonda outside with us. He did what huskies do and immediately dug himself a hole to plunk down into.  He’s actually much happier than he appears in this photo (camera shy).