One of the odd things about losing weight is the decreasing wardrobe.   The decreasing wardrobe phenomenon happens suddenly – one day things are a smidge to big and the next day your wearing your blue jeans around your ankles unexpectedly.

The other morning I was running late (per usual) and grabbed one of my many pairs of black slacks.

Oh, as a quick aside, attorneys can never have too many pairs of black slacks.

Anyway, so I grabbed a pair of black slacks, threw them on, and realized they were so baggy there was no way I could pull off wearing them anymore.  In fact, they were in danger of simply sliding off.  In disgust, I tossed them into a heap, and desperately searched for black slacks that fit…somewhat.

Today, I had to take a quick department store trip to replace some slacks (grey and black).  It’s a happy problem to have, but for some reason it wasn’t one I predicted.    Of course, a new wardrobe was in the forefront of my mind when I began dieting, but it was the “end result wardrobe” I visualized, not the “in between” wardrobe.